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The Reel News


Hello Sailor, Nice Buns!

There’s no denying that burgers are big at the moment, but you could scour the seven seas and you won’t find them bigger or better than the burgers at Hooked. So next time you’re on shore leave and looking for a mouth-watering morsel to fill your holds, look no further. And with three to choose


Check Out Our New Look!

We thought it was time to give our Chapel St store a little facelift! Now with even more seats and more room, it looks great. Come in, check it out and let us know what you think.

Flippin’ Close Call

Great White Shark leaps out of water as man reels in his catch off the coast of Hawaii! Watch the video here.


Let Us Reward You Mateys!

Grab a rewards card and start working you way towards some free tasty delights like our legendary chips & scrumptious calamari. There is more treasures to be found the more times you visit, so start collecting those stamps today! Ask our friendly staff for more details.

Hooked featured on

Read about what Mr LB and Miss SL had to say about Hooked after they paid us a visit here at Hooked and check out the rest of their fantastic blog while your at it…


The Way Of The Chip

For years, people have sought the answer to one of the world’s great secrets – how to turn potatoes into pure gold.   And now it seems one Melbourne man has discovered it.   “Making chips isn’t a science, it’s an art.” So says Captain Ray, founder of Melbourne’s High Church of the Chip, Hooked.

Get Hooked On Healthy Eating

Ever wondered why the Inuit people of the Arctic are still able to outrun hungry polar bears well into old age? Or why the Japanese punch way above their weight in the Guinness Book of Records ‘World’s Oldest’ section without the use of fresh monkey glands, like some ageing billionaires we could name? OR why